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ZT 0801, Elmax --$SGD 210    
Reate Horizon C, S35VN --$SGD280     SOLD

 Fantoni C.U.T. (Sinkevich Design), S30 --$SGD300  

All 3 knives has been light carried. 

Reate Horizon C
With a little light usage on the Horizon C. This tank of a knife with 3.75" long and relatively wide satin-finish blade fires with authority beating out many knives a few times more expensive... It's still on the factory edge which came sharp but I have stropped to give it a keener edge. Uber smooth bearing action.. SOLD

The other 2 has only been used to cut and slice some paper and maybe a couple of paracord.

The Fantoni CUT 
has a really nice wide sharp edge for a 3.5" blade. If you are a fan of Sinkevich design.. this one is the production model of the special run 100 pc edition. Shiro/ Sidi collab called the Tetra. The ergo of the hump back handle on the CUT here is very nice togive a sure grip feel when working with the knife and the curved belly just keep slicing and slicing for those who like this kind of knife work/action.

ZT 0801
-- doesn't really need much intro. Well known ZT workhorse model for many.
Very nice sharp edge too.

Too many knives too little carry time for these...  

All knife will come with whatever original packaging they came in. 
Box for the ZT and CUT. 
Pouch with some extra bits for the Horizon C.

All pricing listed in $SGD, nett.
Can deliver to door if you are within Singapore.

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