Saturday, June 6, 2015

Payment in Chilli

Let's start off this new blog of mine with some edged related content before I port over past articles from my other sites.

Twas mail-call time last nite. Nope not knives but my anything-and-everything Shiro package, at Koji-san's abode.

Finally! Yes both the Nasgul holster and one of those really nice big SiDi designed radiator bead. Ok throw in a couple of those factory bear buttons too.. Must say, most time I'm not big into fancy beads and accessories.  Reckon this is indicative of my obsession with me no. 1 favorite knife brand.

Of course paranoid me took the opportunity to order extra screw sets. Has to be the most expensive screws I ever paid, for whatever things that needed screws, but... how often do one get to hoard some of these spares. Especially if like me, you don't stay in Russia eh!

Really nice...

Not gonna go on and on.. let the pics speak for themselves

Of course when more than one knifenut is in the house.. everyone will whip out their latest acquisition(s)...

Last night was no fancy dandy full customs... no, we old men are a little past that now. Appreciation of things well designed and made even if its productions. A Spyderco and a Benchmade. Both designed by the late Bob Lum.

Certainly no photoshoot session.. just some quick phone cam snaps. Have to gather the blades for better shots soon but here's another that hopefully do some justice

Spyderco Lum Chinese Folder, Black Almite Coated handle, ZDP-189
Benchmade 746 Onslaught Limited Edition Shot Show, CF. D2.
My Spydie-Lum ZDP-189 is certainly a class one slicer. Thin blade, right edge shape, great ergo and all. But the BM Shot Show edition packs some serious sweetness within the entire knife. Both knives are smooth as smooth can be. Another instance where it makes me not think about flippers. With the kind of guide and slide opening action they are just in a category of their own.

Appreciation of fine things over and out came Koji-san's well worn and used EDC... Oh.. rust, tiny half rounded T6screws for bolster hiding the pivot pin... I tried on the spot but to no avail and the rust was really bad even if they were just peeking out of  the steel liners...

This morning, armed with my better Torx bits, rounded screws were no match for experienced wrench hands :)

 For a small little knife this sure has a lot of parts. 35 bits and pieces in total!

And this was the state of affair before cleaning up

 I'm not sure if chocolate is really good for lubing. I'll stick to true and tried.. Chocolate in my mouth and Shimano bearing grease for the job at hand...

All rust and stains gone from metal. I washed the micarta back to its's original light tan but it's so easily stained with the slightest grease or even by just holding.. I decided to "dark coat" it for practical purposes.. Hope Koji-san doesn't mind :)

Oh yes, he "100% pre-paid in advance" last night with a bottle of uber awesome homemade sambal chilli.

Good as new

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