Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bodega Black-Gold

One of those first knives that caught my attention. I had the chance to handle a first generation full ti, LSCF and since then had always been looking forward to owning a Bodega.

For some reasons... this was delayed but 10 days shy 6 months from ordering, it's  finally here.

Bought this Daryl Ralph kubotan while still waiting for the Bodega to arrive....
It's hard to fault the workmanship on the Bodega.

The crush ice really snatches all the attention of this knife at first glance...

Not normally into coated blades but  this here is some sweet black Cerakote.

Side by side comparison with another special edition Bodega. The Slim.

Getting the lighting right is not easy... All the reflection in the ano crush ice pattern, I'm facing the same problems as in trying to capture timascus patterns on other knives nicely with my el cheapo cam.

...Ok time to move out to some natural lighting...

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