Monday, July 20, 2015

A little gathering

Everyone seems to be a little busy last weekend, leaving only three of us to bask in the warm afternoon sunshine at Merv's place and some rather tasty Indonesian snacks made by his very enthusiastic helper...

My green finger friend sure has some healthy looking lime in his front yard. I was really itching to cut something with my little "razor blade" :)

Just when all the stars of the day made their appearance, at my incessant text messaging behest.....

DUMB ASS me just realize that everyone's Starlits and Estrella were present except YOURS TRULY!


Well my Starlit "Eclipse" was in a way playing Schroedinger's Cat today... it's there but not there. In the magazine... which Michael has been most helpful to send over to me....

There's nothing really like a good pic under natural lighting... of which we have plenty today under the blistering heat...

By now my friend's Custom Div Nudie Slim has been well broken in... such a major difference in the smoothness from the last time I flipped it... Ok, sign me up for the next SRRBS. I'm convinced now.

But straight out of the box getting all baby butt smooth was Koji's Poluchotky... one of those exotic knife whose pic all those months got me into this bottomless pit called knife collecting ever since ... Before I was just a happy camper chugging along with my $20-$50 blades in my entire life.

Before my forgetfulness gets the better of me again... yea, I came to pass Merv my Rajah II and also the cloth from MR. Good generous size and good quality swag that can easily accommodate a few good knives when all spread out.

Back home... finally I get a shot of

and now my Starlit is complete. Knife, cloth and the magazine featuring it.

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