Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Stroppity Stroppity Strop

"Life is but a series of experiments..." Sure. Only problem is most time I just do not research sufficiently before starting on whatever I do... Like yesterday's purchase of hides to make strops, in a bid to soften things up, I slathered it all in probably too much oil. 

When the deed was done... I started to question myself, have I done it right. No, wait - is it even correct to go about prepping the leather this way.

Oh well how bad can it be.. Left it pressed down between 2 pieces of wood. Will see tonight...

to be continued...


  1. it's important to make sure the strop is raised 1.5-2" off the table if possible, especially if you're stropping larger blades with bigger handles - to allow for knuckle clearance. Otherwise, you'd be forced to place the strop at the edge of the table/countertop. Looking forward to the completed strop.

    1. Table edge it is now. As I have learned from... ;)