Sunday, April 17, 2016


Knives are starting to flow in again after a couple months hiatus from hectic traveling and stemming from a little waning of one too many in the past year....

In fact was asking myself what exactly am I looking for anymore. Certainly most of the heavily ornamented knives, nice as they are just doesn't exactly appeal to my senses in a deeper way. Right up to this point.. I have remained timascus-less, no super conductor bits or most of the fancy colorful materials in general. Don't get me wrong, some can be really nice if done right. Like this piece from Michael or the Sevastapol from Sergey. 

Oh wait.. just a tiny piece of zircuti thumb stud on my GTC Plasma... yea.. that's about it I guess

Meantime while it may not be the usual "knife collecting mania.. I have to say there is something really exciting I stumbled upon... some Grail of Grail in the works and if the stars in heaven align.. I might just be the fortunate recipient of one.. Disassemble tool-less under 30 sec like a handgun, each and every part match with tolerances so precise, rooms for errors if there is are calculated to 0.00000000.... decimal places. I am quite certain it will be a knife the world has not seen.  but I must keep this confidential for now with all due respect to the person behind it..

Stiletto shaped... Collabs and collabs.. Unlikely twins
AE L40 and Russian Dr Death
Still staring at the world from my largely monochromatic lens... Simplicity and a combo that never grow old in my opinion. Or am I just color blind without even realizing my entire life :)

I have slowly introduce more Damascus steel into my collection.. the addition are subtle.  A piece here and months later another make it's way..  But it is just more than these steel alone. The makes, the design of the pieces themselves and how it can all fit within my collection...

A delight came with today's acquisition.. another splendid top notch work from AE Thorburn, a previously full custom L28 made available to me by another young friend. These two below are now in a genre that without n  intent  during the collection has crept up on me... gentleman folders or what can be considered to be. A very simply classy slipjoint is on the way now to join this pairing, all three will be matched up in sizing and colors. Unidentical Triplets ;)

sub 3.5" folders... not many in my collection till date. And these 2 are keepers for sure.

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