Saturday, February 20, 2016

Knife Bag (Nasgul)

"Watcha looking at mate"
There comes a time when one can "justify" a little more indulgence with knives related things. This one took a while... about 3 months. No stranger to the work of this fine leather and accessories craft master as I already have the commemorative Banner F95 and another pouch from him.

Right after I saw Vadim's prototype. There were some adjustments on the dimensions to be made and I requested mine to have the Shirogorov logo on it. All is legitimate and of course it warrants a little more but is well worth in my opinion.

A "Shiro" knife bag for 6  to tote around to blade gatherings :)   Showoff!

Individual pouch and closures. Self explanatory, nothing really to add that isn't already shown in the picture.. The pouches are tight but that would also be due to the new leather hasn't gotten stretched in. Hence the bigger and thicker ones needs a little more effort to push in. Still, it's a one direction, butt-in first kind of slotting which means those with a lanyard won't fit. I don't see that as a flaw. Even if the pouches are bigger, I'll  be wary about the beads scratching up the knives. But to make the pouches really big and loose-- then the whole bag would have lose it's aesthetics...

The covers are nice... ensures none of the knives will be banging into each other when everything is closed up.

A little full-on view to give a good gauge of the size.. Buttoned up-- you can just walk on the street and for non knives people... none will be the wiser what it holds within. But I reckon most time it just stays in my messenger bag with the labtop or knapsack rather than walking around holding it. Nope, no straps or handle.. to keep the look clean and simple.

And it all started with that single knife sheath that is now permanently paired with my 95 Banner. Everything.. by my good friend Vadim, Nasgul.

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