Friday, April 3, 2015

Russian Blades

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Look where collecting of knives has brought me today. This blogs-phere... My favorite knife designer is also on Livejournal. This will be one way to follow his posts and what's new with his works apart from Instagram. No, I do not have anything from him yet, though I was really really close to getting one of his most beautiful work just recently. Alas.

Well, for now, maybe a few pictures of my Russian blades, which is like half of my entire collection. There is just something about knives designed and made in Russia that keeps me coming back for more. Clean, elegant looking, functional blade designs with superb actions and workmanship all round. No need for super fancy compound grinds or overly fanciful bits. Form follows function.

... a user of blades all my life but for collection it all started with this here.
Shirogorov Model 110B

Well.. it's really all on the flip side for this one... You know what they all say, "2 heads are better than one" :) I'm told that only 2 were ever made with such configurations where the blade of a 110 is used on the 110B (B -> Bolster) version

  "Cammie" F95 Lazer Digital Camo

It was a sad day when Cammie had to go in a trade with a friend... but then I got a grail.
DARK No. 100/100... I later learned some very interesting thing about the Dark or rather the ending numbers in this model, linking into the next generation, the Dark V. But that's a story for another time

The Dark is a collaboration but take a guess who would be my favorite designer of knives where I hope to get a piece personally made by him some day :)

Then this came along and really put a smile on my face... Model 111. They say a well tuned washer wouldn't lose out to bearing flippers. I totally agree. This one is a masterpiece in both looks and action. Everyone I showed it to agrees even if they are having some top notch flippers in their possession.

Well, just one more shot of the 111 closeup. Superb piece. Some days I ask myself if I deserve having such good knives around me.

Life was a little odd without the familiarity of "Cammie" in the pocket as my EDC. So I pick up a used S90V F95 and after reworking/ cleaning up (it came really dirty and used)... My fix for a Shiro EDC for now.

Found 2 feathers that morning.. now I am not sure if I want to nickname it FixedUP95 (FU95) or Feather95 :)

My penchant for Russian knives extended beyond folders without even me realizing. Wasn't looking at fixed blades and never even thought much about Damascus but finger traveling on the internet led me to this.... My eyes homed in immediately on that ever familiar Mitsu-domoe. A symbol I have drawn at least a thousand times as an aspiring tattoo artist back in those young idealistic days.

1st fixed, 1st Damascus. A true beauty by Igor Igin

Just beautiful... all the waviness within the Damascus blade contained. Like wild cosmic energy in the handle...channeled and controlled with full intention by the maker as it goes through the Mokume collar into the damascus waves that just fit with the design of the blade shape.

Chaos & Order.


Update: 25 Jun 2015... Something very very interesting is breing or should I say my name is on a confirmed list as #26. It will really be the highlight of my Shiro-storyboard so far..

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