Thursday, August 6, 2015

Random Rambling 01 & a little bit of Sharpening

6th Aug 2015:

Soon.. a seventh sin shall join the six in waiting.

but for now.. a quiet moment with my edc for the day

and oh.. gotta get back tonite to my sharpening. 3rd nite working on this.
Been a great practical learning curve.. hours just to get a decent wire edge on a S90v blade. Learning the intricacy of how minute things can greatly affect th edge... Painfully slow but reckon I'm getting some wee basics after these few nights..

A pic in progress below

After a coarse re-profiling with #240 grit stone for a 17 dps
Bottom: halfway thru on a #800.. but damn! Realized settings were
off and now have to re-work all over again and also to get the tip sharp. 

Looked at both side of the edge under a magnifier, I began to realize all the mistakes made. All the unevenness, how they all came about and how they are tied to the shortcoming of a sharpening jig.

Jig systems like Edge Pro or Wicked Edge etc, all have their own constraints. For a smaller knife with a more or less straight line edge, things are considerably easier. But like this Asymetric with an upsweep and ~100mm of blade (more if you trace the edge shape) there is a necessity to sharpen in portions and shift the blade to reach the other end. Re clamping usually results in angle change even though the angle rod may not have moved.   Always have an angle cube handy to double check. There is just no short cut here....

Anyway long story short, Lots of error correction later..

Still thinking if it should be brought to a mirror finish. Not really practical for a user-slicer EDC but hmmm....  

(to be continued)

Ok I'm done for the day.... light passes on a #3K stone and some stropping. Good to go.

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