Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shirogorov F95 S90V CF inlay

originally posted on my other blog. 5th Mar 2015

It started off with a bit of a "WTF did I just get!" and then came the take down when I got home to clean things up.

Then I thought... well it wasn't so bad. First I opened it up.. played with the all the loose innards and see the working of the whole knife. Finally. It's always something I wanted to do and see for myself. Open up a Shiro.

With expensive knives, somehow I just fell into the same mindset like most people - try to keep them as clean and pristine and hope never have to dissect and sharpen. Its a little ridiculous really. Just strike me as a little funny since bikes I've built up cost hell of a lot more than a knife. Of course in the process I have no qualms whatsoever to rip apart brand new bearings, hubs and suspension and tune according to my liking.

Right off the bat, of each new build, tuned and spec to my standards,  first thing  is to ride it out and slap some mud on it. Inevitably a couple of scratch and nicks would accompany the first ride somehow. Never thought much about it except for how good they rode or what I might need to re-tune on the way home...

"Mint, never carried, never sharpened..." It always makes me wonder... why the hell do we even buy knives then? Ok I have a few like that myself but at some point or another, I'm sure they will be carried. Maybe not heavy usage but certainly some light duties. Sooner or later there's just gonna be nicks somewhere on those blades too.

For now a workhorse Shiro EDC that is not mint, carried and most probably been sharpened before it even reach me suits just fine. Really. Like my bikes that gets taken apart more often than I care to remember... it must have been 3-4 rounds of tuning by this week to get the action to almost how I want it to be.

This F95 version with CF inlay was never really my cuppa. Yet I think this is now the perfect one in my hands... My previous F95 was essentially just a Nudie version dressed in digital camo. Length and broadness is nice but it felt a little thin when I held and not much of a grip purchase on the handle, especially when flipping it open.  This is where the in lay comes in, getting the whole handle nicely snug when i hold the open knife in a close hand..

An ever black-silver-grey world in all my worldly possessions.. Well one can't go really wrong with such color or the lack of combo

Next? Gonna measure those loose balls and maybe change them up.. Bearing retainer looks like it could take a tad bigger bearings. Testing the results should be interesting....

Ah yes yes ... adding a few manly scars and scratches.
Hopefuly in time to come it really does turn into some BNIB (Bloody Nicked Interesting Blade) with stories to tell like some of my other users.

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