Friday, December 11, 2015

Take-Down: Cannabis Real

Did this awhile back, not long after getting the knife but forgotten all about it. There really wasn't a need as everything was quite smooth. Lke most of my blades, it's a matter of trying to get them to where I want with the movements of it's actions... nothing really of practical value in doing them but as knifenuts... oh well. :)

This certainly requires a special tool...
... which fortunately came with the knife.

And who would have thought.. my 30 yr old rifle cleaning kit came into play too

 The bit part is a pretty snug fit. However due to the overall shape, it could potentially slip if a "lever" is not secured in the hole... the cleaning rod was a good fit and with an entire hand grabbing, twisting the screw open without excessive stress on the pivot itself wasn't an issue. By the way the pivot itself looks to be made of a softer material... can't really tell though.

As mentioned in my earlier post.. the pivot is a double male end with a hollow shaft.

I read about the different MRBS but up until now had only seen the asymmetric one on my 111.
So this is how the "Mickey Mouse" MRBS look like.

For a comparison with the asymmetric version...

"Stand-by Knife"... :)  I think it carried over from the days where I really love stripping my weapon to clean... when everyone else in the platoon is cursing and wanting to send arms back to the armory.

Cleaned up the old grease (I doubt this one like most of my Shiro had ever been open up before since leaving the factory)...

A healthy dollop of "Anvil's  no. 38"...

Rest of it will let the action speak for itself...

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